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Kiev Metro was start operation in 1960 and back then the fare was 50 kop. After the monetary reform of 1961 and a ten-fold denomination the fare was 5 kopecks and a 5-kop. coin was accepted by ACPs (Automatic Checkpoints) which were put into service in about 1962. Also, there were "admit one" tickets which were invalidated at the checkpoint. In 1991 the cost was increased three times and the ACPs were renewed to accept either one 15-kop coin or three 5-kop. ones. In 1992, Ukraine adopted a new currency, hyperinflation took place and the fares were changing nearly every month. ACPs were put out of service and tied down in closed position. Single use tickets were issued, first series of them cost 50 kop and the last ones - 10'000 (ten thousand) coupons. Also, a monthly ticket was available. Since Nov, 1993, a magnetic card was released (it was an ordinary paper!!! monthly ticket with a magnetic strip on its side), hence some ACPs were put back into use, some remained closed and turned off. In the first half of 1994 metallic tokens appeared. In June, 1995, paper cards were replaced by plastic ones. Here you can see a collection of magnetic cards. In 1996 the fare was increased to 30000 coupons, new blue plastic tokens were put into circulation (partly, because metallic tokens are overexpensive and every coin collector wants a one for himself, his buddy and for exchange :) ). After a denomination of 1996, the fare was set to 30 kopecks. In October, 1997, the city administration finally managed to issue students' monthly cards, half of the normal cost. A collection of students' cards circa 1999-2000 can be seen here. On the 19th of March, 2000, the fare was increased to 50 kopecks and the blue plastic tokens were replaced by green ones.   Unbelievable! Since 1st of July, 2000, an elementary/high school students' monthly ticket became available, costing only 7 UAH (1.3 EUR). The ticket is a plastic card without a magnetic strip which is to be shown to a control person (along with a pupil's ID).   Since January, 2004, a new generation tickets are being tested. They are noncontact smart cards. Now it is known that they are being actively used in for access control in ACPs for Metropoliten's personell, and they won't be sold to the general public until the next fare increase.

Kiev Metro fare cost table

11.1960 50 kop.
01.1961 5 kop.
04.1991 15 kop.
01.1992 30 kop.
05.1992 50 kop.
12.1992 5 krb.
06.1993 15 krb.
09.1993 30 krb.
12.1993 150 krb.
08.1994 200 krb.
02.1995 7 000 krb.
09.1995 10 000 krb.
02.1996 30 000 krb.
09.1996 30 kop.
03.2000 50 kop.
  2,00 uah
  1,70 uah
  2,00 uah
02.2015 4,00 uah
07.2017 5,00 uah

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